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My name is Stephen Miller and I am the owner and cheif operator at MillaSound Productions. I am one of the very few born and raised here in Austin, TX. I started out as a local songwriter/artist in my late teens. By the early 2000s while I was still in college, I began recording my own music and I quickly moved on to becoming an established and skilled audio engineer, producer, and a mixing & mastering engineer. 

MillaSound Productions started as a side business right after college. Since 2006 we've written, recorded, produced, mixed and mastered countless of artists and songwriters music. We are deeply passionate in what we do here at MillaSound and our friendly and professional services are our key ingredient to our success with customers.

MillaSound Productions specializes in full music productions, mixing, mastering, custom songwriting services, acoustic demos, vocal tracking services and much more. We pride ourselves with our professional quality, friendly service and competitive rates.

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